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       Jorhat Institute of Advanced Training for Computing (JIATC) has come with the objective to provide quality education in the field of Computing . JIATC is a well established Computer skills training institute and we have been training a diverse range of students. At JIATC, we have designed a wide variety of career, professional, short-term & certification courses for the learning & career needs of students, working professionals & others. we organize Workshops, Events & other activities to encourage student-industry interaction, prepare them for their job interviews & make them industry-ready. our curriculum provides very particular expertise oriented training at micro level to the student.


Schools today have a responsibility to prepare students for the future. The only way to adequately prepare children for the future is through computer education classes that teach students about computers and technology. Preparing students for the workforce is one goal of education today. Since almost all jobs now and in the future will require students to use technology in some form, students need to begin learning the basics of how computers work and how technology enhances life. Confused? Here ‘s a little help . Learning the foundations of this in school will give students
an edge as they transition to college or the workforce. School-age children need to be immersed in technology and computer education because they may find the career of their dreams in one of the two fields.When children have access to these types of classes, they become interested and opt to seek further education in college. Computer and technology education classes allow students to use the creative parts of their brains. With standardized testing so prevalent in school today, many students spend all day memorizing math formulas, history facts, or science information. Allowing children to take apart computers and put them back together makes them think. Building robots in a technology class teaches students how things work. These types of classes can impact a child. In today’s world, information can be obtained instantly online. For students to grow and become informed adults and citizens, they need to know how to use the Internet to obtain information. In school, students should be learning how to conduct online research, how to check to see if a site is legitimate, and how to publish information online. These skills will help students in life. They will be ready for college and will know how to perform job searches. Early computer education can benefit children for life.
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